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    Hello dear forum,

    Every forum needs rules! And what are these rules for? Correct! To pay attention to them and to stick to them. So do us all a favor and stick to them. Only in this way a good cooperation and a long life of this board is possible.

    1. opinions

    Every user has his own opinions, which he can post and discuss with others, but please always with the necessary respect and on a certain level.

    It can also happen that there are differences of opinion. These can also be discussed on a certain level here. If this is not possible, another way is to be looked for outside of this forum. Should a team member notice that a dispute escalates here or is not clarified according to the rules, the administrator or moderator will take the right to act at its discretion and close the thread or even delete it.

    2. post creation

    Contributions may not contain pornographic, violence glorifying, racist or in any other way discriminatory content. Of course, everything else that is forbidden by Swiss law is also forbidden here.

    Apart from that, no further restrictions apply, and those who stay within the bounds of what is legal may post whatever their heart desires here.

    3. uploads and downloads

    Links where there is something to download may be posted, but never directly on the download link of the respective operator, but always to the page of the third party. This rule applies to all uploads and downloads, unless the original provider and/or originator of a file has directly agreed that the link to the file may be posted here.

    It is expressly pointed out that the board and the team members absolutely no responsibility for external sites. It is exclusively the operators of the sides, which are responsible for the offer of the respective side/s.

    4 Behavior in the forum

    Each user has to behave in such a way that he or she does not insult any other user, insults, treats as inferior etc..

    5. prohibitions

    Prohibited is what is written under "2. posting" and under "4. conduct". These rules must be followed at all costs. Of course, everything else that violates Swiss and/or international law is also forbidden.

    6. gallery rules

    Every user over 16 is allowed to post pictures in the gallery.

    In Switzerland there is no actual law for the protection of minors. Nevertheless, the content that may be posted is regulated by other applicable laws. Since we want to make this forum accessible to everyone, the following things are forbidden here:

    - Pornographic content such as nude pictures (pictures of genitals), pictures of bodily excretions or pictures of sexual acts.

    - Copyrighted images

    Copyright (copyrighted) recordings may only be made available if the owner and/or creator has expressly agreed to this.

    7. download area rules

    In the download area you may upload your files if they are really from you. That means you must have the necessary copyright and/or copyrights. Also here the exception of foreign material is valid, if the owner/originator of it, expressly with it explained itself in agreement.

    8. signature, profile and avatar

    Every user is allowed to have a signature and an avatar. However, the avatar, the signature and also the profile may not violate applicable Swiss or international rights and not disturb the board peace.

    9. introductions

    With your introduction you may describe yourselves gladly. But also here the rules of "2. posting", as well as of "4. behaviour in the forum" are valid.

    In case of repeated violations section 12 will come into force.

    10. miscellaneous

    Zero posters and inactive accounts will be searched from time to time and deleted if necessary. Before an inactive account is deleted, however, the respective user will be notified several times beforehand. Users who have not been active for more than 12 months or who have not logged in at least once will be deleted without warning. If a user does not intend to be active for more than 12 months (e.g. planned absence due to stay abroad etc. he can inform the team and his account will be kept). So every user is given the possibility to keep his account for a longer period of time.

    Members who register and do not activate their account within 48 hours will also be deleted.

    There is no legal claim to a user account.

    11. guestbook

    We are very happy about a guestbook entry. However, spam or advertising entries or entries that do not comply with applicable Swiss or international laws are undesirable. Such entries will be deleted directly and without warning.

    12. penalties

    If a user violates the rules he/she will be made aware of it. A warning will be given. In case of repeated violation of the rules or in case of serious violation of the rules, the user will be blocked. The reactivation of a banned account depends on the user and is also at the discretion of the team. In the event of a particularly serious breach of the rules or repeated warnings as well as repeated bans, the user account in question will be deleted. This is done at the discretion of the board team.

    In the case of extremely serious violations and / or distribution of illegal material, we are not afraid to file a complaint with the police. Every user leaves traces that can be tracked!

    These rules may be extended or changed without notice.

    Who keeps to these (game) rules has nothing to fear and will surely enjoy this forum for a long time.

    Now we wish you a lot of fun, a lot of joy and of course a lot of information exchange here in the AdultBaby.cH Portal

    your AdultBaby.cH Team

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